A Modern Reworking of the ORIGINAL Epic Fantasy

The Swithen is a series of epic fantasy novels that honor the ACTUAL historic legends of King Arthur while re-examining the old, musty gender roles inherent to the tale, and giving women their rightful place as equal and important drivers of the story.

Most Arthurian stories don’t tell the REAL ancient legends, because they are too weird and the morality too outdated. This series is committed to keeping the stories intact, but filling in the psychology and re-examining the roles of men and women in way that brings the emotions and characters to life for modern readers.

When you read The Swithen, you will know that you are discovering the REAL stories that create the vast, interwoven epic of King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot and all the others—the story that inspired Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and more. Find out why this story has endured for over a thousand years.

“Too often, Arthurian characters become stick figures in modern retellings, but that is far from the case here… I only wished it was longer.”
–Tyler Tichelaar, Author of the “Children of Arthur” series

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Book 1: Our Man on Earth

*OMOE Cover 2
One woman’s strength sets the entire Arthurian legend in motion
In the original legend, Merlin’s mother never even receives a name, and vanishes once her famous son leaves her. This novel is her story, which lays the basis for the entire series to come.

The devil wants a man of his own on Earth to tempt people into sin. He chooses Meylinde, killing her family one by one until he impregnates her. But he didn’t count on her strength and fortitude. She finds a way for her son—Merlin—to retain the devil’s powers but use them for good. But at that time, an illegitimate child means burning at the stake. Can Meylinde’s baby—who can talk and has been born with all the world’s knowledge—save his mother from certan death?

This is the actual legend, set down in 1215 AD.

Horror and paranormal chills give way to magic, wonder and surprising tenderness, as Merlin’s mind and sense of morality are formed by the powerful influence of his indomitable mother. This novel gives Meylinde her rightful place as the woman who sets the entire Arthurian legend in motion. By the end of the book, Merlin has decided that his purpose is to transform Britain through the creation of a king—Arthur.

“I don’t want to say much more because it will spoil the plot. But what I do want to say is how very powerful the end of the novel is. The conversations between [Merlin] and his mother on [his moral character] are the culmination of the book and bring the story to a powerful close.”
Tyler Tichelaar, Author of the “Children of Arthur” series

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Book 2: The Sons of Constance

*SoC Cover 2
Merlin works through three successive kings while placing the pieces in place that will result in the birth of Arthur…

The first king is a tyrant. The second king doesn’t have long to live. The third king is way out of his depth. And Merlin rules them all…

At seven years old, Merlin leaves his mother’s home and takes to his familiar role as advisor to kings. He will counsel tyrant King Vortiger, witness a monumental fight between two dragons, then move to the side of Pendragon and Uther, the sons of Constance, as they overthrow Vortiger and take back the country for the British. The brothers find that Merlin offers them advantages they could never otherwise have—but soon have to wonder who is really in control… and whether they are mere pawns to Merlin, who will let no one stand in the way of his plan to shape the destiny of Britain.

Suffused with abundant magic, epic battles, macabre mysteries, supernatural events—and FUN—this psychological adventure weaves real history and myth as we are there for Merlin to create Stonehenge, as well as King Arthur’s legendary Round Table, which was founded in the time of his father, Uther Pendragon. But when he needs help, Merlin still returns to his mother’s side for perspective and advice.

Expanding the epic scope of the story exponentially, The Sons of Constance sets the stage for the birth of Arthur—and shows why we began our story a generation before his birth.

“If you weren’t fascinated by how Telek depicted Merlin in the first novel, I guarantee you will be here… although the depiction of the three kings who precede Arthur are, in my opinion, Telek’s triumph… Telek has created the most real and sympathetic version of Vortigern to date.”
Tyler Tichelaar, Author of the “Children of Arthur” series

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Available Fall 2018: Pre-Order NOW!
Book 3: The Void Place

*VP Cover 2

Merlin destroys two lives to create one. But that one is… King Arthur.
The main character of our series is finally born.
An unworthy man will learn the consequences of sitting in the empty seat of the round table. Uther will lose himself in obsession over Igraine, the wife of one of his most loyal liegemen. He will make war in order to possess her, a war that will threaten to tear apart his kingdom. From their union, Arthur will be born, and a sword lodged in a stone will appear in a churchyard in the city of Logres, unable to be drawn by any but the rightful ruler of Britain.

Unquestionably the darkest chapter of the Arthurian legend, the retelling draws out the issues of gender and sexual assault that render the tale so problematic, bringing them starkly to the forefront where they can be re-examined. We will get to know Igraine in depth and witness her strength and anguish as her life is torn apart. We will also meet a young Morgan Le Fay and her sister Margause, and see why they vow to avenge their mother by destroying King Arthur in the decades to come.

By turns shocking and heartbreaking, this installment sets up the conflicts and characters that will reverberate throughout the remainder of the entire series.

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The Future of The Swithen

The entire story of The Swithen is planned out now. Unlike any other epic fantasy series, there will be No Making It Up As We Go Along.

Book 4:
Arthur’s childhood, from infancy until he encounters a certain sword in a certain stone.
Book 5:
Arthur is put into training with Ulfius and Bretel until he is coronated as king.
Book 6:
Arthur must put down the kings who dispute the reign of a teenage king.
Book 7: 
Arthur forms the Knights of the Round Table, meets Guinevere and begins constructing Camelot.
Book 8: 
Arthur marries Guinevere and his knights depart on three mystic adventures.
Book 9: 
The childhood of Lancelot in the Lady of the Lake’s hidden matriarchal society.
Book 10:
The adventures of Balin le Savage and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
Book 11: 
Morgan Le Fay makes a daring attempt to destroy Arthur and claim his throne.
Book 12:
Lancelot joins King Arthur’s court and takes on the adventure of the Dolorous Gard.
Book 13:
A mysterious new knight, Beaumains, is entrusted with a crucial adventure.
Book 14:
Lancelot’s secret affair with Guinevere continues to grow under Arthur’s eyes.
Book 15:
Lancelot becomes ensnared in an affair that resuts in the birth of Galahad.
Book 16:
Lancelot wanders insane as Gawain searches to bring him back and heal the court.
Book 17:
Over the course of one day, mysterious adventures unfold and the quest for the Holy Grail is enjoined.
Book 18:
The knights depart to seek the Holy Grail while Arthur and Guinevere’s marriage is in ruins.
Book 19:
The knights encounter death, destruction and despair as they seek the Holy Grail.
Book 20:
The few remaining knights stumble back to Camelot as one knight achieves the Grail and leaves Earth.
Book 21:
Lancelot is drawn into an a relationship that leaves Guinevere furious, and another woman dead.
Book 22:
When Guinevere is kidnapped, Lancelot departs to save her while Arthur’s jealous rage grows.
Book 23: 
When Guinevere’s affair is finally exposed, Arthur goes to war with Lancelot.
Book 24: 
The war on Lancelot allows Arthur’s bastard son to launch a hostile takeover.
Book 25:
The death of Arthur.



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