Watch The Swithen video Book Trailers!

Hey there friends, there are book trailers up for Books 1 and 2 now… did you know that? I just posted the one for the second book, and am in final editing for the book trailer for Book 3; The Void Place.

The first one has been performing fairly well and steadily drawing in viewers, which is great. I hadn’t thought about it beforehand–being somewhat thick–but the use of historic illustrations and paintings in these videos has been an invaluable tool to help people understand, and get excited over, what the books are about. They help people visualize the characters of the book, but also have an image of the time period and understand the kind of stories we’re talking about. Here’s the video book trailer for Our Man on Earth:

I was happy to find the cover image of the woman in the cell (above) because it does so much more to create the image of what the book–and it’s main character–is about than any amount of description I could give. Then the images throughout the video give the reader the sense of the tone and setting of the book better, and more convincingly, than anything I could say.

Here’s the actual URL in case the videos don’t embed:

Similarly, the image of the knight there I think does so much more to help potential readers understand the world we’re in than any description I could have given–and ditto all of the other images in the video.

Here’s a URL for the Book 2 trailer:

What do you think? How do you like the trailers or what do you think about how they came off? Let me know in the comments…

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