Women in “The Swithen”

Hi there, just a quick note that I added a new video that discusses the treatment of women in my series The Swithen, and you can watch it here.

The video covers 3 things:

That because a number of notable women in the Arthurian sources don’t even receive names or deep psychologies, one of the unique, and unplanned features of my series is that it comes off as “progressive” simply by supplying names and characters for these women (like Merlin’s mother, the protagonist of Our Man on Earth) and giving women’s concerns equal importance to the men’s.

Since Book 3, The Void Place, contains a rape, I discuss the process I went through of reaching out to women for their perspectives and also researching #MeToo stories and accounts of sexual assault. I also wrote a whole separate piece for my process in handling the rape in Book 3, if you’d like to read it.

That a big feature of the books going forward will be the education of boys to respect women and think before resorting to violence. There is so much violence baked into the Arthurian legend, and one of the major aspects going forward will be having our characters react to all that violence and process what it means to them to see all that.

That’s it for now, go off and watch the video, and leave me your comments on the page below.

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