Author Interview: The Sons of Constance

Greetings folks. I’m in the middle of writing Book 4 of the series, which will cover Arthur’s childhood until he pulls the sword from the stone. Happy to say that it’s going well (although slowly), and I hope it comes off as magically as I hope it will. Anyway, I am also in the process of recording the audiobook for Book 2, The Sons of Constance, and this put me in mind to put up this interview focused on that book in particular.

This interview discusses how Merlin ended up as ruthless and maybe not-so-nice as he did, how the Round Table was created in Uther’s time, the overall structure and some of the themes of the book, and which ones will continue into Book 3… and throughout the series. If you’ve read the book, this interview will give you some good additional insights about it (as well as its place in the overall saga.

So get on over there and read the Author Interview on The Sons of Constance. As always, if you have any comment, about the interview or about the books, always feel free to leave it. Thanks!

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