Crafting King Arthur’s childhood: Scott Telek author interview

Greetings friends, I’m getting very excited for the release of Book 4 in my Swithen series, which will tell my version of King Arthur’s childhood (and you can pre-order a Kindle edition right now!). Why am I excited? Well for one, because I think it’s a really great book. Second, because the whole series takes a big turn now, because the main character of the series is now in the story! So from now on, the next 21 books are all going to stay with Arthur (with some diversions), and be one continuous story in which we’re going to follow Arthur, Guinevere, Gawain, Merlin and Lancelot from birth, through childhood and adolescence, into adulthood and until they die.

Go right to the Book 4 Author Interview

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Another thing special about this book is that it is one of a very few novels that purport to tell about King Arthur’s childhood. The big other one is T.H. White’s The Sword in the Stone, part of his Once and Future King series. The other other one is John Matthews’ Sword of Ice and Fire, which I reviewed on this site a few months ago. As far as I know, those are the only others, so it’s a topic that has been touched on less than one might think.

Also, there is pretty much nothing about Arthur’s childhood in the legends, which means that this book will be unique among the series for being 98% original story, made up by me. As you know, my series is committed to remaining faithful to the pre-1485 Arthurian legend, so most of the books come with the main story points laid out. Not this one (and not the majority of the next one, either). These are going to be largely original works, so now you’ll be able to see if I can craft a story without having the outline made up for me!

That said, I love the tone of the novel. One of the things I am happy about this series is that every book in the series has a different tone–sometimes even a different genre–while they are telling one continuous story. The last one was very dark and arduous, but this one is very light, sweet, lyrical and gently humorous (until, of course, it’s not). It’s very much in the vein of an old-fashioned boy’s adventure novel, filled with a lot of gentle family comedy and drama with Arthur and his brother Kay, Mom and Pop Ector, and their friend Pedrawd and his sons Bedivere and Lucan.

Anyway, go over and read the author interview about Book 4: The Flower of Chivalryand secure your copy (it says October, but I’m actually aiming for March or April) by pre-ordering a Kindle edition. And please, please, any mention you make of my books to your friends and family, online reviews or mentions on social media are invaluable and greatly appreciated.


xoxox Scott

2 Comments on “Crafting King Arthur’s childhood: Scott Telek author interview

  1. Hi Scott, I am a blogger for UK writer’s blog An Awfully Big Blog Adventure. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, (leaving a nice gap and a deep breath before the next). I am also a fellow traveller and writer and I know John Matthews well. Over the next few months I’ll be doing a series of blogs with writers on writers and landscape. Would you be interested in doing an interview either by audio or e mail, (the first being more fun.). Do let m3 know as I’d love to do that. I’m in Mid-Wales, UK


    • Hi Steve, thanks so much for writing. The interview sounds great, thanks for asking! I’ll reach out through your email and we’ll talk more and set it up… thanks for your interest and for reading my books! Best wishes… Scott


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