The Swithen Books 1-3 Video Synopsis

What’cha doin? Not much? What if I told you that you could watch a 9-minute video that summarized the entire first trilogy of the Swithen series (the parts before the future King Arthur joins the story) and be ready to hit it when Book 4 comes out in a few months?

Would You say that 9 minutes is an eternity in a world where 10 seconds is too long for anyone to pay attention? I would sigh, then quietly reply “I know.”

Nevertheless, there it is. Since Book 4 is coming, and in Book 4 Arthur himself becomes the main character–so now our King Arthur book series actually has King Arthur in it–I have to face that a fair amount of people will begin the series here. And so, to welcome them, and ensnare anyone else who might be intrigued, or those–like you, perhaps?–who have been curious about the series but don’t have time to read the books.

Here you have a quickie summary that takes us from the birth of Merlin, through three kings and finally brings us right up through Merlin’s manipulation of Uther and Igraine to create Arthur. Find out what’s going on in all those books you’ve followed but not yet been able to read!

You can also forward it to your friends and relatives to show them what they’ve been missing.

If you’re a knowledgeable Arthurian, you’ll be able to see the ways in which I have skewed or added to the elements of the original legend in order to make them all form one complete narrative.

And if you have read the books… thanks! And I love you. I hope you liked them. You’re welcome to watch the video, too! You’ll see my cool Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me T shirt, which I got WAYYYY before the latest Twin Peaks revival.

I’m still at work proofreading and doing final edits on Book 4, but it’s looking definitely to be ready by the end of March (if you pre-order it for only 0.99, it says it comes out in October, but that’s only because I chose a date way out so I don’t get stressed… it’ll be April at the very latest). Also… it’s really good. I’m really happy with it. I hope everybody likes it.

Check out the Book 1-3 synopsis video and let me know what you think!

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 2.28.26 PM

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