Writers in their Landscape Author Interview

Hi there folks–

First of all, I hope all of you are doing well and keeping yourselves safe. I know that it is an incredibly trying time and some of you, like me, may have lost or be in danger of losing someone close, and I hope for your safety and wellness.

How things have changed. I did not write my latest novel in the midst of this, but I am starting writing Book 5, and wondering how it might be affected by this particular time. That one will cover the period between Arthur pulling the sword and his being coroneted king, and one thing that occurred to me and has already affected the course of the novel is… he is a boy and not yet coroneted king–of course people would be trying to kill him. So at least the first part will be filed with the tension that someone might spring out to kill our young King at any time, and it makes me wonder… how much of this is inspired by the feeling that something is constantly out there waiting to kill us, and might strike when we least expect it.

I have also been remiss in not posting that Book 4 was released on April 3rd… and has, to my great happiness, received two glowing reviews. I was going to cover both in this post, but I decided just now to make that a separate one. Anyway, it’s out! King Arthur’s childhood! It’s very sweet, lyrical and fun (until it gets dark and terrifying), so it’s a good antidote to these times, and even though Arthur pulls the sword from the stone at the end, you will not expect the ending. It’s The Swithen Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry!

Which brings us to the actual subject of this post: A wonderful interview by Steve Gladwin, druid bard of Wales, author of novel The Seven,  Fragon Tales and The Raven’s Call, and healer through storytelling and drama at Stories of Being and Feeling, and all-round lovely and wonderful guy.

The interview is for the writer’s collective blog An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, and is part of a series focusing on writers and the ways in which nature and landscape inspire them. I actually had quite an affinity for this, because so much nature makes it into the novels, and nature is very important to me to include as a major force in the novels, as I discuss in the interview. Plus, I sent several formative years exploring the wild and hike fields and forests a great deal now, constantly trying to soak in the descriptions and sensations in order to include them in my books. There are at least four of my real-life nature experiences in The Flower of Chivalry, in fact.

Thanks so much to Steve–who made contact with me through this blog, btw–for his patience and hard work, and also his interest and insightful comments on my work. This is by far my most insightful and literary review I have done thus far, and I really appreciated Steve’s thoughtful examination of my work and penetrating questions. OH, and by the way, this is only Part One, and Part Two (next week) gets much deeper into the process of writing and creation.

Read the interview Writers in their Landscape with Scott Telek by Steve Gladwin


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