New book free on NetGalley

Greetings, everyone, I hope you’re well.

Right to the point: the new Swithen novel, The Flower of Chivalry, is available free on NetGalley. That’s a site that gives you free, usually pre-publication books for perusal in exchange for an honest review wherever you review books. You can get it for free on NetGalley right here.

If you don’t know, The Flower of Chivalry  is a vision of King Arthur’s childhood until he pulls the sword from the stone. But even if you “know the ending,” you don’t know how it happens or all that happens to Arthur to bring him there.

The book explores his relationships with his loving foster mother and gruff foster father–but of course, Arthur has no idea that he’s adopted, and they are forbidden to tell him. He spends his days exploring the forest and comes to help a new friend that is shunned by all others. When one of his adventures is an unexpected success, he drifts into overconfidence and makes a disastrous mistake that nearly ends his life before its begun.

The novel is light, fun and lyrical (until it turns dark and terrifying) and is filled with family comedy and drama, fun boyhood adventures, lots of adolescent confusion and an abundance of magic. I’m thrilled that it has been getting universally great reviews so far, and I’m happy that most people are finding its light, fun vibe an antidote for these grim times. If you’re on NetGalley, give it a shot!

Find The Flower of Chivalry at NetGalley


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