Book Excerpt: Arthur and the Little People

Hi everyone, I hope you are holding up well during this long, unprecedented pandemic. By now there have been so many different phases to it that… well, I don’t know what to say. I feel like we were in panic mode, then it went on long enough that we all kind of decided it was over (although it wasn’t), and now I feel like a new kind of normality has set in, and one feels like one should be getting back to normal… only you can’t. And that brings us to today.

Anyway, I have a new excerpt from the most recent book I’d like to share, and it comes with a bit of a story. A friend of mine lent me this book The Journey Through Wales by Geoffery of Monmouth, from 1191. It was said to be a description of his trip through Wales, but it turned out to be much more interesting as a repository of folklore. Geoffery is a clergyman who traveled around to all the different churches in his association, and in doing so he collects all the different interesting stories from each town that he visits, and writes them all down. So while 70% of the book is actually filled with descriptions of the towns and churches that he visits, the rest is jam-packed with all sorts of interesting little folk stories.

Now Book 4  of my The Swithen  series, The Flower of Chivalry,  depicts King Arthur’s childhood, and in the book he develops a sort of “boy and his dog” relationship with a strange amphibian creature. His parents don’t really like it, and think that he should play with normal boys. Now, in The Journey Through Wales, one of the stories Geoffery comes across is about a boy who became friends with a group of little people, and how he eventually lost their trust because he became lonely for his mother. That said, there was also a footnote in the book saying that one of the editor’s students was a Welsh woman, and remembered hearing the story told when she was growing up.

Since I love to expand on the folklore of my novels with… well, more folklore, it occurred to me that this little tale could be woven into the actual novel in quite an organic way, as Arthur’s parents telling him a cautionary tale about why it’s better to have human friends. P.S., it wasn’t the only bit of folklore from Geoffery’s book that made it into the novel.

Discover the story in this excerpt from The Swithen Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry.  If you like it, please share it, leave a comment, you know, whatever it is you do. If you like it, you might like to check out the entire book. In any case, I always love to hear from you. Be well, stay safe and wear your mask.

Read the Excerpt from The Swithen Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry – Arthur hears about the little people.

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