Excalibur: movie vs Legend!

Greetings folks! I hope you have been doing… as well as it’s possible to do at this point. I confess that I really thought we’d be pulling out of this thing by now, and my mind’s pre-conceived narrative is that we should be pulling out of this… and yet we’re not pulling out of this. All I can do is hope you’re well and wish you patience.

But hey, there is something new to read, at least! I have taken it upon myself to break down the ways in which everyone’s favorite King Arthur movie Excalibur does or does not adhere to the actual Arthurian legend, and you can read that sucker right here at: Excalibur: Movie vs. Legend!

I’ll never forget watching Excalibur on cable for the first time, which was considered a bit naughty at the time because of the fully-armored sex in the first few minutes. I then watched it again as I was first reading Le Morte D’Arthur about ten years ago, and that’s the first time I realized that it just has way too much story to tell in two hours and a bit. But it does an amazing job of capturing the tone and feel of the legends, which is an amazing and magical achievement.

Excalibur was also quite influential on my book series in two ways. The first, that the telling of the legend needs to be slowed downso that everything can have it’s impact and importance, not sped up, as we’ve decided everything else needs to be these days. The other is that the whole opening with Uther definitely influenced my decision to have three whole novels before Arthur is born… because I really liked that whole “story before the story” aspect the film has. Although as I write the novels I see that the events of the first three are far from forgotten as we get further into Arthur’s life. The past is very much present in these books.

By the way, I am 318 pages into Book 5,which covers the period between when Arthur first pulls the sword and all of his training before he is coroneted as king.

By the other way, I have a publication where I am posting movie reviews over at Medium. That requires a membership, but you can read five articles a month without paying. My site tends to cover “bad” or “cheesy” movies with a focus on horror and sci-fi, so if you feel like it, head over and check out Telekfilm on Medium. 

Thanks for reading, be well and stay safe. 

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