Author Reading: Merlin Scolds Uther and Pendragon

Greetings everyone, I hope you’re well… or as well as can be. Here in Canada I thought we were managing the pandemic pretty well, but now… I kind of can’t even go into it. I hope you are doing better!

Anyway, I just put up an author reading video of a scene from Book 2 in which Merlin lays some pretty serious law down on King Pendragon and Uther (Arthur’s future father) when they doubt him.

What has happened in that this advisor to the king was shunted aside when Merlin comes in, so he’s going to try to discredit Merlin, which as you can imagine, is a pretty bad idea. His plan is to ask Merlin to predict his death, then disguise himself as someone else and ask again. When Merlin predicts one death and then a different one, the King thinks he’s been duped! In this scene the king is talking to his brother Uther about the deception when Merlin shows up and he’s pretty peeved!

This is one of my favorite scenes in the book because Merlin kicks some serious ass and has some awesome lines. Both brothers are left with some lingering issues after this, especially after what Merlin says at the end. And the guy trying to discredit Merlin, well… let’s just say things don’t end well.

So get on over there and watch that sucker! It’s 10 minutes.

In other exciting developments, I plan to put Book 4, The Flower of Chivalry, which tells the story of King Arthur’s childhood until he pulls the sword from the stone, up on YouTube in serialized audiobook form (except it’s on video… see? PARADOXES). I’ll put up one or more chapters up every weekday until we’re done. 

That book is very light and fun (until it’s dark and terrifying) because it’s about childhood and learning life lessons and the carefree days before responsibility—or, in Arthur’s case, the ultimate responsibility—descend on one as an adult. I’ll let you know when it’s going up, and hopefully you’ll tune in. It’s free and fun and you know… it’s a good book. I’m proud of it. 

In the meantime, why don’t you leave me a comment or hit a like button or something just to let me know that you’re out there and I am not actually hurtling alone though space in a tiny capsule while hallucinating all this. 

Thanks!  Scott

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