Deep Writing Process Discussion

Hey there! Are you that person who likes to go right to the spoiler of a book? Or to put it differently, to hear the thought process that went into setting up a novel in a certain way? If so, you might want to check out a new video I just posted that discusses the big spoiler/reveal in the middle of my novel of King Arthur’s childhood, The Flower of Chivalry.

I’ve been putting up an audio version of the novel on YouTube in small parts every weekday (making it a video audiobook, but whatevs), with a little introduction to each installment where I discuss who the characters are or which parts are adapted from a real Welsh legend or what future events of the Arthurian legend I am setting up with a scene in this book. But when I got to discussing the big spoiler I knew I had to take a bit longer to discuss it, while also avoiding spoiling it for the people who don’t want to know… which is why I ended up making the separate video.

So in the book we find out the identity of a major character, and hopefully it makes the reader reassess everything that has happened in the book to that point—and I’ve been very gratified that it has worked, most of my readers had no idea who this character was and were shocked when it was revealed. I discuss how the idea came for this, and also why it fits into the conclusion to another character’s arc. 

We also discuss a major character that had to be written out. I am adapting the Arthurian legend and this character vanishes after the story told in the first novel, although I managed to keep her around for a while. That said, by four novels in the character had no place in the overall narrative anymore, and it was time to write her out. I discuss my process in doing that in a way that respected her important place in kicking off the story.

So deep writing process discussion, and it’s all here in the Post-Reveal Discussion. Just remember it WILL spoil the biggest reveal of the book for you… 

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