A boy king? Impossible! Excerpt from Book 5

Greetings folks, I just put up an excerpt from The Swithen Book 5: Wonderly Wroth, which will be released in January. This book covers the period between when Arthur first pulls the sword and when he is finally made king, during which time he is put into training with the knights that served his parents. In this scene, he has to pull the sword for King Lot and the other reigning kings of the day (like the wonderfully-named King with the Hundred Knights) only to find they aren’t too keen on handing control of the country over to a fourteen-year-old boy!

If you’re just coming in, my series The Swithen tells the REAL Arthurian legend from pre-1485 with the rule that I am not allowed to change anything from the story as it appears in the legends.

I’d love to tell you more–but I’m super busy today! Anyway, you take a break and get on over to check out the excerpt from Wonderly Wroth. Thanks and be well!

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