Merlin Character Analysis

Greetings fine folks… I just put up a character analysis of Merlin on the website, and you should go read it right now if you want to stay up to date on the blistering, change-on-a-dime world of Medieval literature interpretation. It’s a harsh realm!

Basically I thought an interesting thing to do would be to devote a page to each character in the Arthurian legend and in my series of novels, taking a deep dive into who they are. It turned out to settle into a form; discussing who this character is and how they are portrayed in the Middle English source literature, then how I took that—since my series is committed to staying true to the pre-1485 legend of King Arthur—and interpreted it the way I did in the novels.

And who better to start with than Merlin? The main source I use, from around the year 1215, has Merlin do and say a lot of things without ever explaining what he’s thinking or what he means. This, then, offers me an open canvas to interpret what he might mean and how it might affect the other characters—and that’s a lot of what we discuss in the piece. Why the Merlin of my novels is the way he is.

Most readers of my series notice right away that my Merlin is not the kindly old warm and wonderful wizard we’re used to, and is kind of a ruthless bastard. They also notice that he is far from perfect, and still learning as he fumbles his way… changing the course of Britain in the process! All of this is discussed.

So get on over there and dig into the Merlin analyzing action at the Merlin: Character Analysis. 

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