Book 5 less than a week away!

Greetings readers! Well, the final manuscript has been delivered and we are less than a week away from the release of the 5thnovel in the Swithen series! That’s right, the series that is telling the actual Medieval Arthurian legend (no giant elephants!) and is taking twenty-five whole novels to do it. Now, you ask as you fold your arms and squint skeptically out of the side of your eye, why should you care about this particular book?

Arthur goes from boy to king. When we left our future King Arthur, he was a very naïve 14-year-old boy from the country. By the end of this novel, we have to believe that he is ready to step into the role of king, lead armies, and everything like that. This was quite a challenge for me as a writer, but I have to say I am quite confident that by the end of this book we will believe that Arthur has taken his first steps toward becoming the king we know and love.

Merlin gets an (ideological) whupping. Readers of my series notice right away that my Merlin is far from perfect and is still learning. There have been hints in the first four novels that Merlin has been missing one key little insight, and in this book, he finds out what that is, and it’s going to change his worldview forever. 

The Lady of the Lake takes the stage. Said whupping comes courtesy of Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, who has also appeared in little cameos through the four preceding books. Here she has a major role, gets a lot of great lines and is just generally awesome.

Morgan Le Fay begins her reign of evil. We know Merlin ruined Morgan’s life to create Arthur. Well, in the meantime she’s become a powerful sorceress, and in this book she finds out who that little boy her mother was tricked into bearing (hint: it’s Arthur) and she sets a plot in motion to bring that sucker down.

Knights, knights, and sword fights. Books 4 and 5 are 95% original and made up by me, since there is no material in the legend about this period. In Book 6 we’ll swing back to the legend, so I wanted to take the opportunity here to explore the role of the knights, their mind-set and the values that they uphold. There is also more action in this book than any so far (but not as much as will be in Book 6!) with a few sword fights, sieges, kidnappings, etc.

Awesome knight Ulfius! If you’ve read this series, you’re familiar with Ulfius, kick-ass knight and all-round awesome (if somewhat evil) dude. He was best friend to Uther, Arthur’s father, and in this book he becomes a mentor and friend to Arthur, as well as getting a lot of focus and great lines. 

World-building gone wild! We get one whole section in the city of Logres (aka London), then Caerleon’s famous Roman fortress, and finally the action shifts to Gaul (aka France). Along the way the stories of a lot of characters who will have major roles in the Arthurian legend to come begin to intertwine here.

That is just a hint of the splendiferous elements one can look forward to in The Swithen Book 5: Wonderly Wroth, and guess what? The ebook is only $1 if you order before it is released on Saturday Jan. 15. Shocking? Unbelievable? Yes, I know, but true all the same. I hope you like it.

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