Category: Process

Deep Writing Process Discussion

Author Scott Telek discusses the thought process behind the big reveal in his novel of King Arthur’s childhood (SPOILERS).

New comparison of legend to novel for The Flower of Chivalry

Find out what’s from the real Arthurian legend in the new novel of King Arthur’s childhood, and what’s invented.

Writers in their Landscape Author Interview

Druid bard and healer Steve Gladwin interviews Arthurian author Scott Telek about how literature and nature inspire his novels.

Get a preview of Book 4!

Book 4 of the Swithen covers King Arthur’s childhood until he pulls the sword from the stone. Get a preview of what’s coming in the acclaimed series.

New Audiobook for Our Man on Earth

Finally the new, revised audiobook of Book 1, Merlin’s origin story, is here, with 90 more minutes of story and all-new narration.