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Book 5 Preview

Greetings friends. I just finished putting up the final video in my serialized audiobook of The Swithen Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry, and for people who watched it all–or other interested parties–I’ve put up a video talking about where the story is going… Continue Reading “Book 5 Preview”

The Swithen Books 1-3 Video Synopsis

Catch up to the acclaimed Arthurian book series before Arthur himself joins the story in Book 4.

New video explainer

Please take 3 minutes to look at the new video I’ve made to quickly explain the main points of the Swithen series.

Women in “The Swithen”

New video discusses the role of women in Arthurian fiction series The Swithen, which gives women’s stories the same prominence as the men’s.

Oh my word it’s a Radio Ad

I created a radio ad for The Table Round podcast, highlighting my series’ commitment to remaining faithful to the real Arthurian legend.