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Excerpt from The Flower of Chivalry

Read an excerpt from the forthcoming novel; a view of King Arthur’s childhood before he is called by destiny.

Get a preview of Book 4!

Book 4 of the Swithen covers King Arthur’s childhood until he pulls the sword from the stone. Get a preview of what’s coming in the acclaimed series.

New Audiobook for Our Man on Earth

Finally the new, revised audiobook of Book 1, Merlin’s origin story, is here, with 90 more minutes of story and all-new narration.

Crafting King Arthur’s childhood: Scott Telek author interview

The future King Arthur finally joins the series in Book 4 of The Swithen: The Flower of Chivalry. Scott Telek discusses hsi process in crafting his version of King Arthur’s childhood in this insightful interview.

“Fie on thee, inflated fantasy fiction language!”

I’ve been dinged for writing dialogue that sounds too modern for my characters… yet my main goal is for modern readers to understand my characters thoughts and feelings.