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Book 5 less than a week away!

With the newest Swithen novel coming, we review what readers can expect.

Merlin Character Analysis

Let’s take a deep dive into the character of Merlin!

A boy king? Impossible! Excerpt from Book 5

Arthur finds pulling the sword from the stone isn’t enough to convince the ruling kings in this excerpt from the forthcoming Wonderly Wroth.

Author Reading: Merlin Scolds Uther and Pendragon

Greetings everyone, I hope you’re well… or as well as can be. Here in Canada I thought we were managing the pandemic pretty well, but now… I kind of can’t even go into it. I hope you are doing better! Anyway, I just put… Continue Reading “Author Reading: Merlin Scolds Uther and Pendragon”

Author Interview: The Sons of Constance

Author Scott Telek discusses the second book in his acclaimed The Swithen series, which tells the real legend of King Arthur in updated modern novels.