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Book Excerpt: Arthur and the Little People

In this excerpt from The Flower of Chivalry, the future King Arthur hears his parents tell him a cautionary tale about boys who have unusual friends.

New book free on NetGalley

King Arthur’s childhood is brought to vivid life in The Flower of Chivalry. This light, fun book is available FREE now for readers on NetGalley.

New comparison of legend to novel for The Flower of Chivalry

Find out what’s from the real Arthurian legend in the new novel of King Arthur’s childhood, and what’s invented.

Writers in their Landscape Author Interview

Druid bard and healer Steve Gladwin interviews Arthurian author Scott Telek about how literature and nature inspire his novels.

Excerpt from The Flower of Chivalry

Read an excerpt from the forthcoming novel; a view of King Arthur’s childhood before he is called by destiny.