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Author Interview: The Sons of Constance

Author Scott Telek discusses the second book in his acclaimed The Swithen series, which tells the real legend of King Arthur in updated modern novels.

New video explainer

Please take 3 minutes to look at the new video I’ve made to quickly explain the main points of the Swithen series.

What’s it all about? [King Arthur, that is]

When you forget all the bad movies and delve into the real legend, what is the story of King Arthur really about?

Book Trailer: The Void Place – The Birth of King Arthur

Take a quick (3 min.) look at the epic fantasy novel that tells the real legend of how King Arthur was conceived.

Adapting the Merlin legend into a novel

Learn what’s from the original legend and what was embellished for the novel of Merlin’s origin story, Our Man on Earth, The Swithen Book 1.