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Book 4 free 5/28-6/1

The new novel of King Arthur’s childhood is FREE at Amazon until 6/1. Pick up the novel that “Far surpasses T.H. White’s The Sword in the Stone!”

Oh my word it’s a Radio Ad

I created a radio ad for The Table Round podcast, highlighting my series’ commitment to remaining faithful to the real Arthurian legend.

Three kings, two dragons, one novel

Find out which elements of the 2nd Swithen novel are from the Arthurian legend, and which were made up or embellished.

Watch The Swithen video Book Trailers!

watch video book trailers for the acclaimed book series of Arthurian epic fantasy novels, The Swithen.

Adapting the Merlin legend into a novel

Learn what’s from the original legend and what was embellished for the novel of Merlin’s origin story, Our Man on Earth, The Swithen Book 1.