Returning Characters

If you’re joining the series at a later book, get brief descriptions of the most important returning characters, and their importance to the story, below. Some characters who appear in Book 4 are not listed in order to prevent spoilers.

The result of the devil’s attempt to create a man on Earth that could lead people into temptation. The devil impregnated his mother, Meylinde, but she had him baptized at birth, allowing him to keep his powers, but choose whether to apply them for good or evil. The only people Merlin goes to for advice and counsel are Meylinde and Blaise. He was born with knowledge of all events of the past and future, and can also change his appearance at will. Because Merlin sees all of history at a glance, he has trouble understanding the feelings or importance of any one person. At the end of Book 1, Merlin determines that he will devote his life to transforming Britain through the creation of a great king—Arthur. In Book 2 he works though two other kings while setting the pieces in place that will result in the birth of Arthur. In Book 3 his plan unravels, resulting in the creation of Arthur, but destroying Uther’s life and putting Igraine through unforgivable emotional and sexual turmoil. As a survivor of sexual assault herself, Merlin’s mother Meylinde is furious with what he has done and orders him to spend several years of suffering as penance, which is where we left him at the end of Book 3.
Where he appears: Books 1, 2, 3

Merlin’s mother. She was selected by a devil to bear his child, but she had the baby baptized, and that became Merlin. She lived through the deaths of each of her family, rape by a devil, being imprisoned in a tower, giving birth to a devil child, raising Merlin, and then a trial for her life. Because of her experiences, she opened a shelter for young women who get into trouble with men and the repressive laws of the time. She is one of the few people Merlin listens to, and he particularly goes to her when seeking moral advice.
Where she appears: Books 1, 2, 3

A holy man and hermit. Companion and confidante to Merlin. One of two people Merlin goes to for advice and moral guidance. In Book 1, it was he who approached Meylinde with the idea that perhaps her family was being targeted by a demon, and offered her support and guidance during her imprisonment and trial. In Book 2, Blaise travels to Northumberland to work on the book that will chronicle all of these events… which is how we still know that they occurred. He serves as advisor and companion to Merlin.
Where he appears: Books 1, 2, 3

King who vanquished usurper King Vortiger and re-established the lineage of kings that began with his father, King Constance. Older brother of Uther, and uncle of Arthur. Pendragon oversaw a great truce, and later a great battle—each made possible by Merlin—that drove most of the Saxons of his age out of Britain. Pendragon died in the second battle, after which his brother Uther, with Merlin’s help, created Pendragon’s monument (which we know as Stonehenge).
Where he appears: Book 2

Uther Pendragon
Arthur’s father. Became king after the death of his brother, Pendragon. He saw the issues that Pendragon had with Merlin—mainly, wondering whether he was just a puppet for Merlin—and these questions took over his mind when he became king. Uther fell in love with the wife of one of his liegemen, and Merlin helped disguise him as her husband in order to have sex with her. They conceived Arthur. Uther, with the help of Merlin, then manipulated Igraine into marrying him, and guilted her to give up the baby, lying to her and saying that it wasn’t his child. He then gradually grew sick and died, but not before dictating a document leaving all of his kingly possessions, and rule of the country itself, to his son Arthur.
Where he appears: Books 2, 3

Uther’s chief knight and best friend since boyhood. Ulfius is a large, fearsome and powerful knight, but he is incredibly loyal and game to help his friend. He is the one Uther goes to when he needs to talk something over, and he takes a large role in keeping Uther, and the kingdom, going when Uther feels that he can no longer take the pressure. Uther assumed the guise of Igraine and Gorlois’ chief knight Bretel in order to help Uther sneak in and sleep with Igraine.
Where he appears: Books 2, 3

Formerly Igraine’s chief knight and protector, he became part of the high king’s retinue when Igraine married Uther. As of Book 4, he is good friends with Ulfius and holed up at King Leodegrance’s, awaiting the next high king.
Where he appears: Book 3

Mother of Arthur (with Uther), as well as Margause and Morgan le Fay (with Gorlois). She was quite happy with Gorlois and was the victim of Uther’s attention, Ulfius’ enforcement of it, and Merlin’s deviousness. Ultimately her husband was killed, she was forced to marry the man who victimized her, and she gave birth to Arthur—whom she was manipulated into giving up. At the end of Book 3, she retreats to spend her days alone in the castle Tintagel.
Where she appears: Book 3

Sir Carlyle Ector
A knight selected by Merlin to raise Arthur until he pulls the sword from the stone. Ector had been poor, but King Uther tells him that he will have all the money he wants so long as he agrees to the conditions; that Arthur must be nursed by Ector’s wife, Nerida, and that they must never tell him that he is not their son. Father of Kay.
Where he appears: Books 3,4

Nerida Ector
Carlyle Ector’s wife, mother of Kay and adoptive mother of Arthur. Part of the deal for she and Carlyle to become wealthy for life
Where she appears: Books 3, 4

Daughter of Igraine, younger sister of Margause, half-sister of Arthur. When we left her at the end of Book 3, she was sent to a nunnery to study until she was of age to marry the man she had been betrothed to, King Uriens. Appalled by the treatment her mother received, she has vowed to avenge her.
Where she appears: Books 3, 4

Daughter of Igraine, older sister of Morgan, half-sister of Arthur. Forced to marry King Lot. With Morgan, she has vowed to avenge her mother for the way she was abused.
Where she appears: Books 3, 4

King Lot
King of Orkney and Lothian, friend of King Uther Pendragon, husband of Margause.
Where he appears: Book 3, 4

King Uriens
King of Gorre, friend of King Uther Pendragon, husband of Morgan.
Where he appears: Book 3, 4

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