King Arthur General Topics
Why should Medievalists care about The Swithen?
How has the Arthurian legend endured?
What is the King Arthur legend actually about?
Why are there no good King Arthur movies?
The Deal with King Arthur
How To Read Le Morte D’Arthur
Why Should Game of Thrones Fans Care About King Arthur?
Who was Nimue, the Lady of the Lake?
Loneliness in Fantasy Fiction
Excalibur: Movie vs. Legend

The Swithen Overall Topics
Returning Characters
The Story So Far: Books 1-3 Summary
The Project of The Swithen
Prologue to The Swithen
Women in The Swithen

Book 1: Our Man on Earth
Our Man on Earth
Main Page
Our Man on Earth
Author Scott Telek Interview on Our Man on Earth
Legend to Novel: What’s from the legend and what was added
Video Book Trailer
What Are the Real Origins of Merlin?
Excerpt: Merlin and His Mother
Exerpt: The Infant Merlin Discovers Shapeshifting

Book 2: The Sons of Constance
The Sons of Constance Main Page
Author interview: Scott Telek discusses The Sons of Constance
Video Book Trailer
Legend to Novel: What’s from the legend and what was added
Excerpt: The Battle of Salisbury
Excerpt: Merlin questions his plans for Uther and Igraine

Book 3: The Void Place
Preview of The Void Place
Reclaiming Igraine: Can the story of a Medieval sexual assault be told responsibly in the MeToo era?
Excerpt: King Uther Broods

Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry
About the reveal: Scott Telek discusses the mid-novel revelation (SPOILERS)
Listen to the free audiobook serial
Legend to Novel: What’s from the legend and what was added
Excerpt: Arthur questions whether he is adopted
Excerpt: Arthur hears about the Little People
Scott Telek Author Interview
Book 4 Preview!

Book 5: Wonderly Wroth
Author interview about Wonderly Wroth
Excerpt: Arthur pulls the sword for King Lot
From Boy to King: Writing Book 5
Book 5 Preview

Book Reviews:
Arthur’s Legacy: Children of Arthur Book 1 by Tyler Tichelaar
Melusine’s Gift: Children of Arthur Book 2 by Tyler Tichelaar
King Arthur’s Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition by Tyler Tichelaar
The Knight with Two Swords by Edward M. Erdelac
The Sword of Ice and Fire by John Matthews

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.01.16 PM

Forthcoming books:
Book 6:
Arthur must wage war on those who dispute the reign of a teenage king, and receives Excalibur.
Book 7: 
Arthur forms the Knights of the Round Table, meets Guinevere and begins constructing Camelot.
Book 8: 
Arthur marries Guinevere and his knights depart on three mystic adventures.
Book 9: 
The childhood of Lancelot in the Lady of the Lake’s hidden matriarchal society.
Book 10:
The adventures of Balin le Savage and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
Book 11: 
Morgan Le Fay makes a daring attempt to destroy Arthur and claim his throne.
Book 12:
Lancelot joins King Arthur’s court and embarks on the adventure of the Dolorous Guard.
Book 13:
Lancelot is torn between love for Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife, and fellow warrior Galehaut, the Lord of the Distant Isles.
Book 14:
A mysterious new knight, Beaumains, is entrusted with a crucial adventure.
Book 15:
Lancelot becomes ensnared in an affair that results in the birth of Galahad.
Book 16:
Lancelot wanders insane as Gawain searches to bring him back and heal the court.
Book 17:
Over the course of one day, mysterious adventures unfold and the quest for the Holy Grail is enjoined.
Book 18:
The knights depart to seek the Holy Grail while Arthur and Guinevere’s marriage is in ruins.
Book 19:
The knights encounter death, destruction and despair as they seek the Holy Grail.
Book 20:
The few remaining knights stumble back to Camelot as three knights encounter the Grail.
Book 21:
Lancelot is drawn into a relationship that leaves Guinevere furious, and another woman dead.
Book 22:
When Guinevere is kidnapped, Lancelot departs to save her while Arthur’s jealous rage grows.
Book 23: 
When Guinevere’s affair is finally exposed, the kingdom collapses and the aged Arthur goes to war.
Book 24: 
The distraction of the war allows Arthur’s bastard son Mordred to launch a hostile takeover.
Book 25:
The death of Arthur.

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