Our Man on Earth: Merlin’s Origin Story

This bold new retelling of the actual Arthurian legend begins with the strength of one woman—and the power of her incredible son; Merlin, King Arthur’s legendary wizard.


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Adapted from the original legend of Merlin as found in the Prose Merlin and Vulgate Cycle of the 1200s, our decidedly modern reworking of the legend of King Arthur starts small and intimate, with this surprisingly tender mother-son story.

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The devil wants a man on Earth to lead people into temptation. He chooses Meylinde to bear his child, turning her life into a nightmare until he gets to her. Supported by a holy man, Blaise, Meylinde is placed in a tower with two midwives until the child is born. At that time, bearing an illegitimate child carried an automatic sentence of death by burning. Luckily, her child is Merlin, King Arthur’s future wizard,

When Meylinde has the baby baptized at birth, he is able to retain the devil’s powers, but use them for good. The novel explores the formation of Merlin’s mind, as well as how his mother has a lasting influence on his sense of right an wrong. By the end, he has decided to transform Britain through the creation of a king—named Arthur.

“I do want to say is how very powerful the end of the novel is. …one would think Merlin perfect in his being all-knowing, but this is not the case. He is logical, but he is not quite human—he lacks emotional intelligence and human compassion. The conversations between him and his mother on this topic are the culmination of the book and bring the story to a powerful close. For me, this was the best part of the story because it showed true human emotion, character development, and the humanity of the characters. Too often, the Arthurian characters become stick figures in modern retellings but that is far from the case here.”  
                                                —Tyler Tichelaar, Author, “Children of Arthur”

“Once Merlin is born, it starts getting fun, and once he can talk, it gets really fun–you have this talking baby that knows everything…  The whole thing is different than the “king arthur fiction” you know, it’s not swords and knights and “forsooth, milady!” this is a very personal story, and one of the cool things about it is that you just get involved with the characters, and then you realize that THAT is MERLIN. If you like Merlin, or King Arthur stories, I would give it a try, because it’s different than most, rather than the typical magic and sweep of history and all that, this just shows them as real people.”
                                                —RC, Amazon Review

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