The Story So Far: The Swithen Books 1-3

The Swithen is the only series of novels that tells the REAL legend of King Arthur as found in the old Medieval texts. Author Scott Telek reads them all so you don’t have to!

The rule of The Swithen series is that Telek can’t change anything from the old legend, he can only add or enhance characters and scenes. So you’ll know as you’re reading that you’re discovering the actual legend of King Arthur… and as much as we may feel that we know it, a lot of it is going to surprise you.

Since we’re coming up on the release of Book 4, which is when Arthur himself enters the story, now is a good time to sum up how we got here and what all happened in order to bring Arthur into existence.

One thing to notice as you watch is how this series is different because this isn’t one story with sequels, where they do the same thing, but bigger, this is one continuous story, and each book is just the next installment of that massive saga. The other thing that makes this series different from almost all fantasy series is that the story is already laid out all the way to the end, 22 books from now, so there’s no making it up as we go along, as we’ve seen with Game of Thrones and even Star Wars.

Book 1, Our Man on Earth begins in hell. The devil is angry that Christ just came and redeemed mankind only 400 years prior, and he wants a man of his own on earth that can lead people into temptation. So he picks a human woman, Meylinde, and he kills off her family one by one until he gets to her. The devil impregnates her.

At that time, having an illegitimate child meant an automatic sentence of burning at the stake. Meylinde is put into a tower until she gives birth to a hideous devil child. She has the baby baptized immediately, and allowing him to keep the devil’s powers, but use them for good. This is Merlin.

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But it’s not over yet, because Meylinde is still pretty much certain to be burned at the stake. Merlin has been born with the knowledge of everything that has ever happened, and everything that ever will happen. He can also change into any form he wants. We then have a look at the formation of Merlin’s incredible mind, and we show how his mother was so important to the formation of his morality. One of Telek’s readers said that his favorite part was the conversations between Merlin and his mother about what’s right and wrong and how he should use the powers he was given.

So, at a year old, Merlin can talk. And when his mother is brought to trial, this talking baby defends her. And this is all there in the old legend. By end of the book, Merlin has decided on the best way to use his powers: he will transform Britain through the creation of a king that he can mold as he wishes. This king is, of course, King Arthur.

Book 2: The Sons of Constance picks up seven years later. While Meylinde was dealing with her baby Merlin in that small town, this guy Vortiger had the king killed and took over the throne. The king’s brothers, Pendragon and Uther, fled the country as boys because they knew that they were next. Pendragon and Uther are the Sons of Constance of the title. Keep your eye on Uther, because he is going to go on to be the father of King Arthur.

The king Vortiger is a tyrant. He knows that he only has so long to hold out, so he wants to build a tower to keep him safe when the people finally revolt. But the one he’s been building keeps falling down, and these psychics have told him that if he puts the blood of a fatherless boy—that’s Merlin—into the mortar, the tower will stand.

They go get Merlin from his mother. Merlin says the tower falls because there are two sleeping dragons under there, a white one and a red one. The red dragon is actually still the symbol of Wales today Then… there’s a huge dragon fight! When the fight is over, Vortiger builds his tower, but Merlin tells him “Look buddy, you know that you hold this land wrongfully, and guess what—right now the Sons of Constance are all grown up and heading back to overthrow you, and sorry—you’re gonna die!

So Pendragon and Uther come back, and they become the main characters of the story. The brothers soon side up with Merlin, who uses his foresight to give them the advantage in the wars they fight, but soon Pendragon is wondering; “Well, who’s in charge? Him or me?” Because while he can’t refuse the help Merlin offers, and at the same time, is he the king, or is Merlin in control? And how do they know they aren’t just pawns in Merlin’s plan?

Meanwhile this bad guy tries to trick and discredit Merlin and… he finds out that’s a bad idea. Then: huge battle! Dragon of fire appearing in the sky! Merlin makes Stonehenge! (that is actually in the legend, and you just have to love that the people of the middle ages had no idea how Stonehenge was made, so they just said; “Well, Merlin made it!”). Merlin creates the Round Table! And Uther has the first generation Knights of the Round Table!

Meanwhile Merlin has been laying the pieces in place that will result in the birth of Arthur.

In Book 3: The Void Place, Uther is now king, and he’s suffering from the same issues his brother had; is he really in charge? Or is he just Merlin’s puppet? Also, Merlin has told him that there’s going to be this great king in the future, which of course is King Arthur, and Uther is like, “Well, how do I matter if this other king is going to be so much better than me?” Only at that point he doesn’t know that this great king of the future is going to be his own son.

Uther makes an ill-advcised attemot to make his own decision, which turns out to be a huge failure. He finally has it out with Merlin, and makes a complete break from him. Both of these things send Uther into a major depression, and the only thing that he thinks can save him is the love of this woman; Igraine. The problem is, she’s married to one of his closest allies, and getting her will send his kingdom into civil war.

Still, Uther goes after her, and when she finally tells her husband, they go to war. Igraine’s daughters, who we meet as kids in the book, are Margause, who will be the mother of the man who ultimately kills King Arthur, and Morgan, who will grow into Arthur’s great enemy, the sorceress Morgan Le Fay. Both of them are going to be in the story almost right up to the end. Also present is King Lot, who will make war on Arthur about three books from now, and Uther’s best friend Ulfius, who gets a great part here and will go on to train and mentor Arthur and fight alongside him in books 5 and 6.

So Uther makes up with Merlin, who helps the king have one night with Igraine. Merlin says that Uther will create a child on that night, and the king must promise to give the baby to Merlin, no questions asked. From here things get ugly, especially for Igraine.

Once the king realizes that this king he was so jealous of is his own son, he realizes that even by breaking with Merlin, he was falling right into Merlin’s trap! By the end of the book Arthur is born, and Merlin places him into foster care with this family the Ector’s. This includes his brother Kay, a character that will be with us right up until the last book of the series.

Meanwhile, the land is left without a king… and a sword shows up in a churchyard in London, unable to be drawn by anyone but the true king of Britain.

This leaves us ready for: Book 4: The Flower of Chivalry, which will tell Arthur’s childhood, all the way up until he pulls the sword from the stone. And while you may think you know how that all works out, I’ve found a way to tell it that I’m pretty sure isn’t what you expect.

And then the main part of the series will begin and continue, where Arthur;  Fights fearsome battles! Creates Camelot! Marries Guinevere! Receives Excalibur! Meets Lancelot! Seeks the Holy Grail! And so much more!

And you can read it, and not only will you enjoy it, but you’ll discover the real Medieval Arthurian legend that hasn’t been changed and focus-grouped to appeal to current tastes.

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