The Void Place: King Arthur is Born

The destruction of a man.
The devastation of a woman.
The birth of King Arthur.

The first trilogy of The Swithen comes to a shocking conclusion—and a promising new beginning—as Merlin’s plan to create a king comes to fruition. The classic legend is now an engrossing psychological thriller as the main character of our series is finally born.

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Merlin has taken over King Uther Pendragon’s life, leaving the king struggling to find his own voice—or if he has any control over his life at all. After an attempt at making his own decision fails spectacularly, Uther falls into obsession over the lovely (and married) Igraine, believing that only her love can fill the gaping hole in his life. What neither of them realize is that they are both falling right into Merlin’s devious plan, a plan that will leave both of their lives devastated, tear the young country apart—and give Merlin what he wants: a child born of nobility that he can mold into the future King Arthur.

“What sets the book apart is the complex interplay amongst all the characters and the way their high-stakes situations play out against each other. A lot of secondary characters get great parts here which makes the entire thing a complex tapestry of interwoven storylines. It all just keeps turning and twisting until you arrive at THAT ending. If you make it through this book, you will be hooked for the series. It leaves you in a spot where the story is poised to explode, which gives the exciting feeling that as gripping as this series has been, it’s just getting started.”
—Judy K. Jolliffe, Amazon Review

“In this book, Merlin the all-knowing wizard is still in charge but winds up taking a slight back seat as the good king Uther reigns over this thriving kingdom. Uther knows that Merlin controls everything, which becomes one of the central issues of the book: Does Merlin manipulate people to advance his wildly wide-ranging plan for England or does he do it to fulfill their destiny? In “The Void Place,” a number of the characters are brutalized to get to the point in history that Merlin wants or needs to fulfill his destiny. This is a fast read, and very pleasant. Telek refers to this as “The Swithen” series of books and we get an explanation of what a “swithen” is in this book. After the harvest, a barren field is traditionally burned to clear it and prepare it for the next year. This book has the feel of a “swithen” event with a very strong, violent ending that makes me want to read the next book in the series.”
—H. Williams, Amazon Review

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*VP Cover 2

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Merlin Creates Arthur: The Swithen First Trilogy

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