Why are there no good King Arthur movies?

Greetings friends! Hope you’re all well and safe and feeling okay. I’ve been a bit on the bummed side lately as I am remembering the days when I really thought this whole pandemic thing couldn’t go on through the summer… could it?

Anyway, I have a new post on the site which takes a look at why there are no good King Arthur movies. Yes, there is Excalibur–which I adore–but even that, you have to admit, is a mess and is wildly overdramatic (in the best possible way). But the piece really isn’t about the movies so much as the reasons WHY it’s so hard to turn the legend into a movie… mainly that it’s too huge, it’s too weird, and it just doesn’t chop down neatly into little, crowd-pleasing stories. You know, all the stuff that makes it great.

And yes, not ALL the King Arthur movies and TV shows are awful. Just most of them. But we’re making big, grand, sweeping statements because that’s what you do to get attention on the internet.

So when you’re ready for a coffee break, head on over to the article and ask yourself:

Why are there no good King Arthur movies?

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