Greetings, sexy followers

Remember that article I just published called Excalibur: Movie vs. Legend? The one that changed your life and made you rethink how you see yourself AND your world AND your cats AND your taxes AND your car AND like… whoever those people are?

Well, now it has been edited and cleaned-up for a non-Arthurian audience and is a story at the publication FanFare on Medium, so if you would prefer to read it there, you can make the magic happen. Live the dream–make it your own!

Now did you also know that in addition to writing your favorite Arthurian book series I also write humorous reviews of mostly bad and cheesy movies AND make Spotify playlists AND generally add so much to this world that the Nobel committe is meeting regularly to discuss creating a new award in my honor? No, I suppose you didn’t. The point is, now there is one place where you can follow everything Scott Telek and that place is my Personal Page on Medium.

Not enough following? You can also follow Me/The Swithen series on Instagram and I swear, I SWEAR I will update it more than I do now! No really–I will!

Okay, I know your busy now, so… Thanks!

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