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We’re almost seven weeks into the serialized audiobook of The Flower of Chivalry, which tells the story of King Arthur’s childhood, and we’re almost up to the big reveal that comes halfway through the book, so if you feel like checking in, now’s a good time. 

I introduce each of the segments and give a little extra info when needed to understand who the characters are, what’s happening or why I decided to put that in the book… usually it’s setting something up later in the book or sometimes even later in the series. And as we’re listening hypnotic background videos play, usually a slow-motion pattern from nature, like rustling leaves or surfaces of water. 

The book isn’t like the King Arthur stuff you’re used to, and that is definitely by design. It’s more patterned after classic novels of childhood, and my series tries to get us involved in their thoughts and emotions rather than remain in awe of the grand destiny they all have ahead of them or whatnot.

At this point in the story Arthur is starting to realize that he’s not like his family, although no one will be honest with him and tell him that he is adopted. He is also a gifted child which leads his foster parents to want to hold him back and give their own son a chance to shine, to not always be in Arthur’s shadow.

It is the gift of the Arthurian legend that it laid out these fascinatingly rich relationships.

Anyhoo, should you wish to check it out, you’ll find “Free Audiobook” in the top menu of my site, or you can find the free audiobook on YouTube.

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