New video explainer

Hey there folks! Please take 3 minutes to check out the new video on the landing page I’ve made to quickly explain the main things to know about my Swithen fantasy book series. Would it send you into a buying frenzy for my books? If yes, GREAT! If not… then I have failed.

That’s the main page I send everyone to from any ads or social posts that I have. I figure it’s better than just sending people straight to Amazon, because this way they get to learn about the entire series and what makes it special. And the burden of that video is to give all the salient points as quickly as possible.

I want people to know that contrary to what most people believe, King Arthur is NOT all old and played-out. I want to touch on the reasons we’re actually not all familiar with the real legend, and that there’s a lot of stuff in there we still don’t know about. And I want to be sure to get across the main feature of my series; that I am committed to remaining faithful to the actual old legendary sources of King Arthur.

What do you think—did I hit it? I’d be interested in any comments you may have about that page, so… I’m all ears! Thanks for reading.

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