New Audiobook for Our Man on Earth

Greetings, friends, I have great news, or at least, a great relief for me. The new version of my audiobook for Book 1: Our Man on Earth is finally available. Which means that The Swithen Podcast will also soon be starting again. Here’s the backstory.

You may recall that I thoroughly revised Our Man on Earth from its originally-published version when I realized that I was selling its main character, Meylinde, way short. When I started, I thought that everyone would be eager to get to Merlin, so I kind of rushed through the Meylinde sections. I was also just finding my way in the series, and unsure about how to handle the tone and balance the stuff I made up with the stuff from the real legend. So eventually I realized that Meylinde is really the main character of that novel, and furthermore, she’s kind of the Virgin Mary of the entire series, and I really needed to flesh her out and make her an interesting character. So I went back and revised the book, adding fifty pages in the process, most of it deepening and enriching Meylinde’s character.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 12.22.28 PM

Unfortunately, this made the existing audiobook, a reading of the first version, obsolete (although still for sale, offering a poor impression of my series to anyone who chose to join through the method). Adding to the injury, my narration was, in the words of one reviewer, “Terrible!” And it was. I was pretty much just reading the book straight, and the result was godawful–I can’t believe anyone made it through. I have recorded much more of my own writing in the meantime and get it about telling the story, and giving an indication of how I hear each of these characters speaking. Anyway, I am much happier with the new recording, and I think you’ll agree it’s much better if you decide to listen.

Finally, perhaps you know that I had a podcast of this series going, which was a serialized version of the story, a few chapters of the novel every week. It made it through this first book and was midway through the second when I just couldn’t find enough time to make it work, along with writing new novels and working full time (not to mention trying to promote the books). And not to be mercenery, but if I don’t have a full audiobooks available to send people listeners of the podcast to, then I’m just giving away my work for free–it’s not promoting anything. So now that I have the audiobook of Book 1 up (and am almost done with the one for Book 2: The Sons of Constance, then I can revive the podcast, and have another great way to bring people into this series… especially in a world where most people no longer read printed works.

So there we are. Big milestone for me, and the opening up of two new venues to bring my work to people, especially since so few people read books anymore. I’ll be sure to let you know when the podcast is back up and running. In the meantime, check out the audiobook.

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